Water Jet Cutting

Our company offers water jet cutting services for metal. The main principle of water jet cutting is that water is released under very high pressure through a calibrated hole (nozzle) at high speed with abrasive material.

We accept orders for water jet cutting of metals and other materials using «Perndorfer» equipment which can cut practically any kind of material: ferrous and non-ferrous metals, all types of glass, granite, marble, ceramics, as well as plastics and graphite.

Water jet cutting is a relatively new technology in Russia (about 5 years old). But over this time, such metal cutting technology has proven itself because of its excellent characteristics – simplicity, precision, universality, and cost-effectiveness.

This method has different names – hydro-abrasive cutting, water abrasive cutting, hydro-cutting, water-cutting, abrasive-jet cutting, etc. But the essence of this technology does not change: water, mixed with the abrasive sand (Garnet), under high pressure, is applied through a small nozzle onto the surface of material.

Advantages of water jet cutting

  • No deformation of material
    When a water jet is applied, mechanical impact on the material is on the microscopic level, therefore there is no direct pressure on the surface of the host metal, and thus there are no deformations. For the same reason, water jet cutting does not make an uneven cut edge.
  • No thermal impact on the host material
    Under water jet cutting, temperature in the cutting zone is less than +60С, but this heat almost immediately is washed off by a water jet. When working with host materials sensitive to temperature, there is no substitute for water jet cutting!
  • Minimal waste after cutting
    Width of the cut is only 2 mm, therefore under water cutting there is almost no waste. Laying on the target sheet is done by a program guided by effective material and time use that often results in visible savings of material.
  • Speed, type, and geometry of the cut is set by a program in graphic packages.

Equipment for water jet cutting of metals and other materials

In NZHK-Instrument, water jet cutting of metals and other materials is done on equipment of Austrian company «Perndorfer» and Swedish company «Water Jet».

Water jet cutting equipment by «Perndorfer» has a table of 6 by 2 meters. Precision of the cut is 0.2 mm. Maximum width of the cut is 170 mm.

Water Jet CuttingWater Jet CuttingWater Jet Cutting

Equipment by “Water Jet” is more precise and has two heads for simultaneous cutting. Table dimensions are 3*2 meters. Precision of the cut is 0.05 mm, maximum width of the cut 150 mm.

Water Jet CuttingWater Jet Cutting