Steel casting

Our company offers the delivery of precision casting products, which specializes in the production of castings weighing from several grams to 40 kg of unit weight from carbon and alloy steels by casting investment casting.

Manufacture of articles by casting in NovosibirskИзготовление литья в НовосибирскеManufacture of articles by casting in NovosibirskManufacture of articles by casting in Novosibirsk
The maximum weight of a steel casting is 40 kilograms. The main methods of casting: high-precision casting for investment models. The range of melted steel grades: structural high alloy, structural alloyed, alloyed with special properties. Compliance with GOST is confirmed by a certificate of conformity. Fast and high-quality manufacturing of model rigging according to sketches and drawings, taking into account your wishes and our technological requirements.

  • impellers and pump guides
  • collar flanges
  • Wedge gate valves
  • check valves
  • Concentric transitions
  • flanged valves and plugs
  • butterfly valves;
  • bushings
  • pump blades.

Production of castings of varying degrees of complexity. Thanks to the use of modern technological processes and innovative methods of production and calculation, it is possible to produce castings with a high density of metal.

Each finished part undergoes the strictest quality control.