History of the Company

Today NZHK-Instrument LLC is a modern enterprise with it own production facilities. The main value of the enterprise is qualified people who work on the modern equipment.

In 1973 with a goal to supply the main production of HZHK with parts, special tools, and instrument, a decision was made to organize an on-site tool production facility.

In 1973 the first foundation was laid down, and in September 1975 the facility was completed. Machine tools were set up and powered up. The facility had instrumental, procurement, thermal, and special tool zones.

In December of 1975 the first batch of parts from aluminum alloys was produced, and the first batch of special cutting instrument was produced in the beginning of 1976.

Since 1979 the shop has become an independent plant which on its own could produce any instrument, including instruments for press-molding, pressure equipment, molds, stamps, cutting and measuring equipment. The work collective has been growing due to newcomers from the best enterprises of the city as well as the youth.

At the beginning of 90s, the main factory has asked the shop to start making springs for fuel assembly. First experimental batches of springs were manufactured using universal equipment and CNC machine tools, and later special equipment from a German company WAFIOS was purchased (spring coiling automatic machine P561), a Russian made control and measuring machine P0-23A and an end-grinding machine were purchased that helped to start production of springs and to stop purchasing of them.

In later years the shop was supplying the factory including deliveries on foreign contracts. The shop won competitions to become among the best in the factory. Workers of the shop won the city, regional and all-Russia competitions where various professional skills were tested.

In November 2008, shop #8 has become a daughter company of OAO NZHK with its own name NZHK-Instrument LLC.
Today NZHK-Instrument LLC is a modern company with its own production base. The main value of the company is its qualified people working on the modern equipment.

Main goals of NZHK-Instrument are to meet needs of OAO NZHK and outside clients with a wide spectrum of non-standard instruments and tools of its own production of high quality. High quality requirements for products translate in unique characteristics of tools and instruments for precision, surface finish, wear resistance and durability.