Оказываем услуги металлообработки на высокоточном оборудовании:

Steel casting

Screenshot_31Our company offers the delivery of precision casting products, which specializes in the production of castings weighing from several grams to 40 kg of unit weight from carbon and alloy steels by casting investment casting.

Bending of pipes, angles, rolls, making coils on bending machine HAEUSLER


After-sales service


Water Jet Cutting

gidroobrazivOur company offers water jet cutting services for metal. The main principle of water jet cutting is that water is released under very high pressure through a calibrated hole (nozzle) at high speed with abrasive material.

Electric Discharge Machining

edmNZHK-Instrument has three EDM wire machine tools «Sodick» and «Robofil» for electric discharge machining of materials.

Spring-wound machines


Lathing and Milling

tokarnieEquipment used for lathing and milling consists of Soviet-made machine tools of type 16K20, 1M63, 1M63 as well as CNC machine tools, and German-made NEF320, 520 machines by Gildemester.

Grinding equipment and grinding


Band saws