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Manufacturing company NZHK-instrument is a member of machine building complex of OAO TVEL, and it is a daughter company of OAO NCCP.

Our main products and services:

  • metal processing services of different types using modern high tech equipment;
  • serial manufacturing and sales of metal products;
  • supply of OAO NZHK with a wide spectrum of tools and instruments.

NZHK-Instrument is a modern industrial enterprise with high tech equipment for metal processing and manufacturing of machine building products.

Our solutions are unique as they utilize an all-inclusive approach to creating various kinds of equipment and tools: from design to manufacturing and deployment on the client’s site.

NZHK-Instrument is equipped with modern metal-processing and controlling equipment. In addition to traditional methods of mechanical processing of metals, we use advanced technologies of profile grinding, electric discharge machining, and water jet cutting.

This allows the company to manufacture competitive products with a unique set of characteristics regarding precision, surface finish, wear resistance and durability. Quality is controlled at every stage, starting with control of raw materials and ending with a passport of quality and a guarantee for the final product.

On this site you can acquaint yourself with services that we offer, products that we produce, and you can order on-line our metal processing services and products.

NZHK-Instrument will become your trusted partner for your metal processing and machine building needs.












Certificates and Licenses

The certificate is valid in LLC "NZHK-Instrument":

The quality management system in compliance with ISO 9001;
The environmental management system in compliance with ISO 14001;
Management system of labor safety and health, in accordance with the requirements of ОНSAS 18001,
certified by an international certification body TÜV CERT


for the manufacture of parts, components, equipment for nuclear power plants;
for manufacturing and components for fuel cells, nuclear fuel assemblies;
for development, production, testing, and repair of aviation equipment.

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